June 17, 2021

It will be a digital environment designed for Asset Management

ELUM is made up by business thought leaders, asset management experts, consultants, support teams, analysts and specialists with a common connection: IBM Maximo and Watson IoT.

ELUM community, now in its 25th annual version, has become a powerful knowledge engine powered by Solex for IBM Maximo and Watson IoT, where through exhibitions, trainings and networking, brings together stakeholders with innovation ideas on Asset Management and IoT (Internet of Things) to fulfill the objectives of their organizations.

Heriberto Salort - TECK

Heriberto Salort – TECK

Rodrigo Herrera - MICROGEO

Rodrigo Herrera – MICROGEO

Elisabeth Marulanda - EPM

Elisabeth Marulanda – EPM

Carlos Nanjari - Aguas Antofagasta

Carlos Nanjari – Aguas Antofagasta

Jorge Hoyl - Solex

Jorge Hoyl – Solex

Dave Gasdia - IBM

Dave Gasdia – IBM

Manuel Gonzalez del Yerro - IBM

Manuel Gonzalez del Yerro – IBM

Jeromy Risner - IBM

Jeromy Risner – IBM

Edwin Correa - EPM

Edwin Correa – EPM

Jim Combs - IBM

Jim Combs – IBM

Julio Yzaguirre - TASA

Julio Yzaguirre – TASA

Javier García - Solex

Javier García – Solex

Jose Javier Ortiz - Peñoles

Jose Javier Ortiz – Peñoles

Fernando Oyarce - TECK

Fernando Oyarce – TECK

Highlights of ELUM 2020

Due to the global contingency of 2020, we made version #24 of the ELUM on July 23, 2020, organized by Solex for IBM Maximo users in Latin America. The Latin American Maximo Users Meeting brought together users of the IBM Maximo technology solution from different Latin American countries, who shared their experiences in Asset Management, Maintenance and Services. The activity brought together an important group of people who had the opportunity to witness talks from exhibitors who shared their experiences with the IBM Maximo solution from different industrial realities.